If You're The Captain, This Website Is Not For You!

Well, maybe......

This is a private, FREE community website created for Nordhavn owners and/or crew members who are interested in sharing information about what they do on their Nordhavn to make "home-life" a little easier while cruising. Our focus is the care and feeding of the crew, whether offshore, or up and down the intracoastal waterway.  As much as all of us appreciate and depend on the owner’s group for information pertaining to the technical aspects of owning a Nordhavn, we thought that a community designed for those with the homemaking responsibility, would be of value. 

For example, here we can discuss topics like, Where do you store your spices? Which do you prefer, curtains or blinds? How do you store your flour, sugar, pasta, etc? What kind of things do you do for entertainment while making a passage? Do you get sea-sick? Where does your dog "go" on the boat? Or, do you have any easy ideas (or recipes) for those impromtu Nordhavn gatherings when at the marina? This is not, however, a website where we discuss amps, watts, volts, hydraulic pressures, or navigating. As the Captain, you are welcome to join of course, but this is not the place to discuss why your alternator feels warm in a cold engine room, or how much scope you should use when anchoring. This website is about the everyday things that make our Nordhavns feel more like home. So, if you've installed curtain tracks in the main cabin, or screens to keep the bugs out, we'd love to see pictures and read about how you did it!

Relationships are tricky and can be under a little more stress in new environments like cruising. We make no judgements about any other boat’s crews and their responsibilities. On some boats, all responsibilities are equally shared between the partners, while on others, they are divided and clearly defined. In this community, there are no assumptions about gender and traditional vs. non-traditional roles aboard a boat. We want to hear what works for you! We welcome everyone who is kind and wants to help or get some help in making their Nordhavn a true cruising home!!!

One final thought. In the spirit of helping each other out we only ask that all in our community be kind. We are looking for alternatives and support, not criticisms.  Please understand what is working for one person might not seem right for you. The cruising life can bring challenges and the one constant we have is that everyone is doing the best they can.  It is our number one hope that this website is not only a resource for helpful information, but a place to make friends with community support you can count on.  

Nordhavn Living is not affiliated with Nordhavn Yachts nor any of their vendors. This is a privately owned, hobby website, created and sponsored by the owners of a Nordhavn 47. Questions and/or comments can be emailed to admin@nordhavnliving.com.